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Самая дорогая книга России?

A.A. Martynov, I.M. Snegirev, Moscow. A detailed historical and archeological description of the city. 2 vols. Moscow, 1875..

A.A. Martynov, I.M. Snegirev, Moscow. A detailed historical and archeological description of the city. Edition by A.Martynov, an honoured free fellow member of the Emperor’s Academy of Arts. The text was written by I.M. Snegirev in cooperation with the editor himself. Vol. 1-2. 2nd edition, as amended. Moscow, 1875. Vol. 1: LXXXVIII, 216, 20, II str., 1 pl. frontispiece – a coloured lithograph with the crest of the city of Moscow. The 1st volume is accompanied by two enclosures with panoramic views of Moscow: the early 18th century after P. Pikart «The View of Moscow from the Stone Bridge» (5 sheets) and the mid 19th century after Akari-Baron (8 sheets). Vol. 2: [4], 221 pages, 15 plts. with tone lithographs, of which 14 were hand-coloured at the time. With 2 coloured duplicated ornaments in the text. Cream-wove paper. In one designed morocco binding with gold lettering on the covers and the spine of the book. Golden top, backups, leather incrustation with various colours on the spine and the covers of the book. Original flyleaves – peacock feather. Format: 29x23 cm. A very rare edition according to N.B. and Burtsev, especially the 2nd Volume, not to mention the coloured copy.

Snegirev, Ivan Mikhailovich (1793-1868) – professor of Moscow University, a famous connoisseur of Moscow antiquities, Russian proverbs and sayings. Buried in Petersburg, not in Moscow, in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, because before he died he was staying in Mariinsky hospital. Participated in the edition of the famous work by Solntsev «The antiquities of the Russian State», in which he wrote texts to Sections I, IV and V. He was the central figure in restoration of Romanovs’ chambers in Moscow. Snegirev pioneered scientific based studying of the Russian proverbs and exploration of popular print and Russian folk holidays and pagan rites, and more than any of his predecessors worked over the monuments of the ancient Russian architecture, especially those in Moscow and near Moscow, and in this area of studying he worked with a famous expert A.A. Martynov.

Martynov, Alexey Alexandrovich (1820-1895) – an architect, a historian of architecture, an archeologist, a free fellow member of the Emperor’s Academy of Arts. Participated in construction of the Great Kremlin Palace, in restoration and reconstruction of the old Kremlin cathedrals and imperial chambers. Between 1861 and 1874, i.e. while the book was prepared, Martynov served at Moscow Archives of the Foreign Ministry, which had the richest collection of materials and deeds about history of the Moscow city. The library itself of the Moscow State Archives of the Foreign Ministry was probably the best in Russia as far as old scripts and historical documents were concerned, because its formation started as early as the 18th century. It was to Martynov and this library whom this edition owed those magnificent, expertly selected and performed lithographs, among which the most capturing are extraordinary fine images of old Kremlin cathedrals. The text of the book was written by him in cooperation with Ivan Snegirev who saw the release of the first volume. The book was dedicated by its authors to His Majesty The Emperor Alexander Nikolayevich, Russian Tsar. The book starts from a short preface which says: «this work contains the history of Moscow until 1812, which is followed by: Moscow districts, name districts in Moscow, as shown from the external and internal historical perspective, and serve as a guide to various areas in our old capital city, and as the monuments to prominent personalities and events, accounts of its inhabiting by foreigners at various times, the ebbs and flows of its 7-centuries long history. For better understanding of some districts which we thought were most remarkable by their historical significance and legends, we have attached the monographs.»


1. N.B. «Russian rare books», Moscow, 1902, №564. Rare, especially Volume two!

2. Burtsev, A.E. «A detailed bibliographical description of rare and remarkable books», Saint-Petersburg, 1901, Vol. III, №959 – the book is remarkable both by its contents and its wonderful design!

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